Bird is the Word

bluejays. i like them.
i'm thinking of a short. and i'm thinking of bluejays.
lots of nutso detail to track in the face. could be fun. could be a nightmare.
could be a fun nightmare.


Wolverine Combo 1990

in 1990 there were no x-men. they'd been split up and wandered the globe aimlessly. wolverine, jubilee, and psylocke wandered around east asia.
this is them wandering. check it.


Professor Henry McCoy

this guy is a founding member of the X-Men and X-Factor
and was also a former Avenger.
3 teams, 3 heads.


Match Made in The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven

Iron Fist AKA Danny Rand c Marvel
Rock Lee AKA Leaf's Green Beast c Kishimoto


Jonzed: One night, so many mistakes

did some freelance animation last year on this fun short for the nova scotia liquor commission/egg films/helix. my scene is the one at the end while the credits roll. 7:28 - 8:15 as mark little talks to jonze about knowing your limits.


Marvel Girl

jean grey in her original x-factor getup. (1986) she likes cyclops. he left his wife for her. long story. sketchbook pro.