eat at hammy's

patch on his back says "poop"


Cyclops visor sketches

just drew this in sketchbook pro. i've always liked drawing cyclops of the x-men which is weird because i've seemingly spent more time drawing eyes than anything else. so here's a guy without eyes.

also, i think it's fair to point out that i drew him with a skullcap, like he had in his early days with the x-men and x-factor. they recently brought back the skullcap in the comics after over a decade of him running around with hair exposed like he's friggin tom cruise or something.
glad to see it back. also glad they ditched all those military style pockets and straps. i was always hoping to see an issue where he pulls at least a band-aid or something out of one of the pockets. never happened. i'm pretty sure they were empty all along...