Partners in Kryme - Turtle Power

fuck this is awesome


Real Heroes Wear Red, White, and Blue

unlike the presses today, early comic publishers had a limited colour palette.  that's why the heroes were often in red, blue, and yellow, while villains where printed in green and purple.  green goblin, doctor octopus, lizard, scorpion, mysterio, electro, loki, mandarin, dr.doom...
i like spider-man.  captain america not so much.  his boots aren't big enough.  oh well...
inspired by Uderzo.


Peter Pan

peter pan
playful psychopath?
androgynous asshole?
something about him made me uneasy as a kid.  i loved the movie, and he seemed really cool.  cool in that, stab you in the back to get a laugh kind of way.


Iron Fist blah

couldn't sleep, so i sketched this up quick... real quick.  iron fist's mask has always struck me stupid...  but i totally dig the colour scheme.