Cannonball Go Boom Boom?

sketchbook pro, playing with colours.
marvel's new mutants - cannonball (right) and boomboom (left)
bret blevins did some really inspiring comic art on that series
google his shit



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"I write anti-job pieces because so many of us are socially conditioned to believe that jobs are just a natural and expected part of life. I like to nudge people to take a more conscious look at the alternatives. We're taught to believe we must have jobs, but the truth is that they're usually more trouble than they're worth.

"In the scope of human history, jobs are a fairly recent invention, a modernization of slavery and indentured servitude." - Steve Pavlina

fight club is probably my favourite movie. in october 2007, Charley Reed, someone who knows words and stuff better than me, explains why! dude, get out of my head! ok, ok, while i did feel this film had more subtle buddhist tones than... say... I heart Huckabees, i can't admit to drawing such in-depth parallels as this guy. bravo, chap!


Mischievous Spirit Tricks Cat

more fairy folio!!! i did the scenes with the lady in the window. this was my first paid work back in 2003. i did these shots the first week of my career. the first week!!! actually... maybe the second week. either way, this stuff is OLD

Banshee Brings Message of Death

another one of my sections from Fairy Folio. again i did all the animation, except for the effects, and most of the horse stuff. i think i did the whinney (sp?) but i can't remember. it's been over five years. give me a break.

Lazy Wife Punished by Huge Ogre

holy crap! somebody posted some Fairy Folio stuff on youtube! why is this cool? i'll 'splain. this clip is my first professional flash animation. i got paid $80/day as an Assistant Animator. at the time, it blew my mind that you there was so much money in the broadcast animation industry. i'd been used to minimum wage. "which was the style at the time..." ok i'll stop.

i did all the animation in this clip except for the FX. wow. this was only 5 years ago... spring/summer 2003