Avatar 313 - Dance of the Dragons

busy day, can you believe i almost didn't have enough time for tuesday's awesome episode of Avatar?  yawn~


Avatar 312 - Zuko's Monologue

this should've taken half as long as it did...

avatar week on nickelodeon

every night this week, new episodes of avatar are airing on nickelodeon.  i'm a huge fan of the series, so i'd like to commemorate this event by posting drawings for each episode that airs.  yeah, that's right.  i'm going to post every day this week with a new drawing pertaining to the episode that airs.

will it really happen or am i blowing smoke?  find out tomorrow evening when i post a drawing based on tonight's episode, The Western Air Temple

yeh, i don't get the nickelodeon channel so i need to wait a few hours before they're made available online...


Not Yet...

i haven't had a chance in a while.  soon.  promise.
and maybe with purpose.