cowabunga dudes!

textures are looking awesome, i can't wait for 2007. transformers is going to be crazy, and of course, the main event, Spiderman3
2007 should just be relabelled Insane. so i'll see you all next year, when it's Insane!



so i heard you can search my name on google and find my blog, so i tried it and found this:
not only does this guy have my name, but he half stole my friggin innernet idennnity. capital frig! that's a low blow! i'd wage war, but i lost all my friends after "the porcelain sheep incident". don't ask. (cause i made it up. i still have friends. surprise!)

i've got three more days animating on Johnny Test, then monday i've been assigned to start setting up characters on Bruno. Bruno is like, all the rage in my kitchen, when i go in there, everyone's like, "Bruno this!" and "Bruno that!" yeah it's pretty crazy. i guess i've got Some shoes to fill. high expectations and the like. sigh~ and i was just getting the hang of the Johnny Testicles.

other news, i'm moving this weekend. so yeah. if you want some free beer, rob a liquor store and bring me some please. pay respect to the man who gave you the idea, no?
excited to get into the new place, because it's got a) a balcony, b) new floors, and new paint, c) no earwigg infestation, and d) my bed. well... it will have my bed come saturday. or sunday. wheneva.

i'll post some drawings when i do some.




Don't Forget to Buckle Up!

i was working on this scene for the upcoming show, [censored until it airs?], where the kids are pretending to put on seatbelts. i had them "put on" shoulder seatbelts but then got the order to make real seatbelts to get the scene past the CBC sensors. the director doesn't want real seatbelts so i had to change the scene so they were actually waistbelts and hidden by the front of the truck they're "riding" in. this way the cbc crew won't request actual seatbelts added to all the other shots as well. anyway, while waiting for the go ahead on that whole she-bang, i maded this. if you can't read it, don't worry too much. it's not funny.


Mahmoud and Son

who's walking who?
i drew this a few weeks ago, and it made a steady journey upstream to spawn. so here it is on the internet. now i'm going to get some sleep. cause if i don't sleep i turn into a monster. with a dorsal fin and 23 inch long chest hair.
and toe claws.

Watch out!

this lady is neat. she's super cool too, so Watch out!

she once ate an entire pancake without butter, and has no qualms about attempting the feat again. her favourite colour is sunshine and her clothes smell like pears. last week i saw her totally serve this ghetto crew. they were all like listening to music and stuff outside of the school, and she came jogging down the sidewalk in a track suit. when she heard the tunes, she approached the boys, and went wild. her wicked hot dance moves inspired the boys to go to college.

so Watch out!


a city seduced

what does it take to seduce a city?
the best idea i've come to, stars; the night city emulates it's sky.
but i won't bore you with posts about stars...