Shadow of the Colossus

through the magic that is sketchbook pro
i managed to add a couple of colours to this drawing
if i was talented, those colours would add depth
and there'd be a background...


Hit It

more sketchbook pages
i have no sense of humour
someday laughs will come


Larger Than Life

30 sec
1 min
5 min
10 min


Bums 'n Wieners

here are some of the better results from that experience.



in order to get any work done i often have to listen to people chattering on.
it keeps me focussed on my computer.
i'm far less likely to get up and go for a walk mid-conversation, right?
makes sense...
enter: the dragon.
a podcast about the perks and jerks of working in animation.
plus commentary on other trades, bears, and gays.



Girls Have More Fun

some pages from my sketchbook
this is from one of the first pages, so there's lots of smudging.

that guy is awesome.  that's why he deserves his place in this "girls have more fun" post.
this is the last thing i drew, so there's no smudging.

great wall redux?

this was on the great wall too but for some reason wouldn't upload yesterday...


The Great Wall

six months ago i was still working on johnny test.  during this show i drew a few things that i put up on a wall beside me.  the contract ended and the wall came down.  but here it is again for the first time!  in internet form!!!
the avatar was supposed to be wearing an oakland athletic's hat, but i forgot how that looked... those girls were all over each other at a gay bar.  i had no choice but to draw them.
you understand...

i think this bear just got caught masturbating

drawing on a paper bag is neat i guess...
this was the first one to go up on the wall
the test sisters were kinda sluts...  when they got older...

she named the chihuahua, "chi-chi."  brilliant...

this one was probably my favourite.  i coloured with col-erase.
is that funny?
yesterday was april fool's.  i lied about being commissioned by cn.
is that funny?