been a while, crocodile

dear bloggins

it's been a few months since i've posted anything and i've had some not so discreet requests to post some drawings or general anecdotes.

general anecdotes aren't really my thing, so i'll post some pictures real soon.  until then, here are a couple quick stories about me peeing.

one drunken night in october, while i was at a urinal at a bar, some guy easily three times as drunk as i, turns to me, squinting, and asks, "hey, do you ever think about what was?  or could have been?"  and i replied without even thinking, "no, there is only what is."  and in what i presume to be his best burnt-out 80's surfer bro impression, exclaimed, "whoa!  that's deep!"

then a few weeks ago while using a washroom at a mall, i was standing at one of two urinals placed right next to each other and another guy comes in and stands next to me, shoulder to shoulder, and before either of us releases, he says, "boy, they couldn't put these things closer together."
i'm not one to have a problem with toilet talk, but without any quick reply on my mind, i simply shook my head and laughed with one quick short breath.  then i waited the 70 or so silent seconds for him to conclude his business and wash his hands, and as soon as the door closed behind him, i finally was able to pee in solitude.

i'm also working from home for the next few months, so we'll see if i can't update this thing more often.