so i heard you can search my name on google and find my blog, so i tried it and found this:
not only does this guy have my name, but he half stole my friggin innernet idennnity. capital frig! that's a low blow! i'd wage war, but i lost all my friends after "the porcelain sheep incident". don't ask. (cause i made it up. i still have friends. surprise!)

i've got three more days animating on Johnny Test, then monday i've been assigned to start setting up characters on Bruno. Bruno is like, all the rage in my kitchen, when i go in there, everyone's like, "Bruno this!" and "Bruno that!" yeah it's pretty crazy. i guess i've got Some shoes to fill. high expectations and the like. sigh~ and i was just getting the hang of the Johnny Testicles.

other news, i'm moving this weekend. so yeah. if you want some free beer, rob a liquor store and bring me some please. pay respect to the man who gave you the idea, no?
excited to get into the new place, because it's got a) a balcony, b) new floors, and new paint, c) no earwigg infestation, and d) my bed. well... it will have my bed come saturday. or sunday. wheneva.

i'll post some drawings when i do some.